Which sura not have letter م

I know Surah Al Kauthar does not have the letter “meem”. To the best of my knowledge, this fact is of NO IMPORTANCE since there is no authentic reports or anythin

    العبكر تنتو ل
  1. you can copy sura 68 to word and delete phonetic letters from it
  2. Oct 04, 2020 · “to mix” or to put on thing into another
  3. recites surah YāSīnsolely for seeking the pleasure of Allah (s
  4. Fact 13
  5. Name the sura which does not have the letter ‘’م
  6. 157)
  7. 4 And there is none like unto Him دح َ أ
  8. It takes its name from “the pen” (al-qalam) mentioned in verse 1
  9. الٓم in Surah Baqarah, Ale Imran, Ankabut, Rum, Luqman and Sajdah
  10. Chapter 38, Surah Ṣād : Ṣād